Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our summer! First stop, San Fransisco!

Gosh we had an amazing summer! 
2 straight months of traveling, seeing friends and family and soaking up the good old United States!
We flew out 1 week after school got out. Jakarta to Tokyo, then Tokyo to San Fransisco. We stopped for 4 days to sight see and enjoy California. Although we FROZE the whole time we were there. We are used to the tropics and our bodies were thrown for a loop!
It was nice to eat some good food (In n Out burger, Cheesecake factory, etc.) and play at the beach. 
We even got to meet up with cousins that we hardly get to see! But all of the kids became fast friends!

Our next stop was Utah where we basically moved in to my grandparents house (THANK YOU GRANDMA AND GRANDPA PICKLE!!)