Thursday, March 3, 2016

February has come and gone

Date night at Shy rooftop bar. We went with a great group of friends and there was a live band

Nixon tempting Stella with some peanut butter

Ramen dinner with friends. This was the kid table

Laser tag with friends. Surprisingly Weston won every single game. Not only won, but he killed it. We think it was his height compared to the other kids. His aim was spot on.
Wendy's frosties with friends! Once again, the kids table

Nixon driving. We have a security check point to get into our neighborhood. The twins have started driving with the help of our driver Subagio from the gate to our driveway.

I went a little lighter

Weston cheering on Ashton

Ashton injured his ankle pretty bad. It was a severe sprain and really took a long time to heal. It happened about 2 weeks into the season and was hard for him to just sit back and not practice or play. It is now for the most part back to normal.

The twins turned 4!! This was Nixon's cake (Cooper was in bed very sick). Nixon designed his cake

Ashton bringing cupcakes to his classroom for his birthday
The twins stretching for swim lessons.

Ashton back on the field after a muddy win.

(Picture by Cooper) One of Stellas favorite spots

Weston at a modeling shoot
Ashton at a modeling shoot.

Where did February go? 
Maybe it was the sickness that blew through our family like a raging storm. 
We had everything from stomach bugs (probably from unwashed fruits or vegetables) to hand, foot, mouth disease. 
As much as I'm ecstatic that the twins started preschool, I'm not so thrilled about the germs and increase in sickness that we have seen. Glad that their little immune systems are being challenged and strengthened but don't love the bugs. 

Tommy and I have enjoyed making new friends here in Jakarta. When we moved into our little neighborhood we immediately hit it off with 3 other couples that all live in our cul de sac. 
Our weekends usually consist of gathering outside and bbqing, kids running around and music playing. 
A few weeks ago though, we thought we would go out for an early Valentines Day celebration with everyone. 
We took advantage of the fun restaurants near us as to not deal with traffic and went to a cool rooftop place. At 10:30 a live band started playing (and taking requests) and we had a great time. 

The boys are continuing to excel in sports. 
Right now Ashton is playing soccer, basketball and golf.
Weston is doing basketball and golf.
Our Saturdays consist of games for both soccer and basketball so we are busy going from court to field but that's just how we like it. The twins usually stay home with the nanny because the car ride is far and the time commitment is too much for them. 
Ashton's soccer team is very good and he is learning a lot. He plays on a 10 year old team with 4th and 5th graders. With him being in 3rd grade and just turning 9 (making him the youngest on the team), Ashton is learning that the competition is fierce this year and there is a lot that he can learn from his teammates. 

The twins are reluctantly enjoying preschool. They still don't like the fact that I drop them and run, but they are happy and talkative when I pick them up.
They like to tell me what they ate for snack and what songs Mr. Harry played on his guitar. 
They enjoy swim lessons every week and are learning to swim quickly! 
Last week Nixon was playing in the wade pool that is connected to the big pool. The teacher was busy with Cooper and all of a sudden we saw Nixon jump into the big pool. The teacher was near by, but Nixon just calmly swam to him and popped his head up when he reached the instructor. I asked Nixon why he jumped in the pool and he said "because it's my swim lesson time"!

Ashton and Weston are both still modeling here which has been fun. 
We have met some nice clients and friends and enjoy the outings. 

Now it's on to March!
We will be going to Singapore for spring break at the end of this month! 
Then, only 2 months after that we will be back in the States for the summer!