Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Yogyakarta and Borobudur

bbq restaurant Tommy found for lunch---little did we know there would be a flash flood and we would get stuck for a while.

The water was flowing rapidly down the street-and coming up from the ground at the restaurant.
We opted to take a train to the temple and save our energy for walking around



Strangers stopping the boys for pictures

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency
Fresh fruit drinks and flower necklaces while they got us all checked in

One of the pools

Breakfast buffets are the best

Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday when we returned 

We pulled the boys out of school for a Thanksgiving vacation (since they go to international school, they don't get those days off). 
We headed to the airport early Thursday morning and hopped on a plane for Yogyakarta. When we arrived, we had the taxi take us to a bbq restaurant that Tommy had found. With our suitcases and carry on bags in tow, we went inside and ordered our lunch. About 30 minutes later, a huge rainstorm hit and water started coming up from the ground and into the restaurant. Then, through the roof. The street out in front was flooded so we had no choice but to wait it out hoping the roof wouldn't collapse on us!
The owner of the restaurant was very kind and helped call us a taxi to get us to our hotel. He then helped us get our luggage outside and into the car.
When we finally arrived at our hotel, we hurried and checked in and then headed to the pool to swim. 
We hired a driver to take us to Borobudur Temple on Friday and it was so fun! It was terribly hot, but the temple was beautiful and the boys liked all of the stone and art. We spent most of the morning there and then headed back to the hotel for lunch and more swimming. 
Saturday our flight didn't leave until 4:30, so we swam and relaxed until the car took us to the airport.
It was a fun and quick getaway and we are happy that we got to take the boys on this adventure. 
We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday and enjoyed a traditional dinner together! 

Now we are counting down the days to our Christmas vacation in Bali! 2 weeks to go!