Sunday, November 15, 2015

Marine Ball 2015

Relaxing while getting pampered

Dressed and ready to go!

We took a break halfway through to go apply more lipstick, snap some pictures and grab some twizzlers ;)
Fun, fun girls to dance with :) Notice Joey in the back checking his phone (probably his fantasy football stats ha!) he and his wife are our next door neighbors.
My sweet friends. We are literally all next door neighbors.
My new dancing friends from the Australian embassy. They are who we brought with us to the event and ended up having such an awesome time with these girls!

 The ball this year turned into a really fun all day event. Me and a couple of friends rented a room at the Grand Hyatt (where the ball was) because traffic here is so unpredictable (it took Tommy 3.5 hours to get home from the embassy last friday night). 
We left our houses around 1 all dressed in comfy clothes and headed to the hotel. We ordered room service once we got there and then just relaxed. 
Hair and make-up came and took over getting us ready. It was really nice and relaxing. Around 4:30, some more friends came up and then soon after that our husbands. We all took turns changing into our dresses (tuxes for the guys) and headed down to the ball. 
Dinner was good, but the dancing was better. The DJ was great and I danced until well after midnight. 
Our nanny did great back at home with the kids and they were all tucked in and sleeping when we got home.