Sunday, September 13, 2015


 Eating at Harry Potter land

 You can't go to Universal Studios without seeing all of the shows!

 After a day of riding the slides
 Grandpa and the twins

 Watching fireworks on the beach

 I think we wore them out!
Weston got smashed by a wave at the wave pool. Luckily, his wound looked like Mickey (of course, we were at a Disney park). We took him to the dr. at the park and it was a cute little office. There was a police man inside making his rounds and helped cheer Weston up while the dr. cleaned out his wound. They gave him a beach ball and some bandaids and he was good to go. We actually ended up seeing the same police man several times at different Disney parks throughout our visit. He always gave the boys high fives and made sure to say hi. 

After St. George, we headed to Provo to meet up with my family, drop some suitcases off and then get on the red eye for Florida. My hopes for the red eye were soon killed when we realized that the twins were so tired that they weren't going to sleep. At one point, they both wanted Tommy to hold them while they slept, which was impossible. Any time we would try to move one back to sleep with me, they would wake up extremely pissed and then cried for what seemed like forever. 
When we finally landed, we headed to the house that my dad rented and slept a good portion of the morning. 
That evening, we went to a pirate show/dinner (Tommy stayed home because of a migraine). 
The boys had fun!
The rest of the week consisted of Disney World,  2 days of Universal, Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and of course Busch Gardens. 
The week was fun and we were all exhausted after waking up each morning to be at the parks by opening time. 
We have some fun memories and are glad that we got to spend time with family.