Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My trip back to the States

 Shantel made my favorite chocolate cake!
 My grandparents with their kokeshi doll
 Alexa and I waiting for a ride

 Jameson and I at City Creek
 Jazz/Lakers game
My grandparents and their kokeshi doll
 had to take a picture of my brothers shoe collection

 Shantel and I at Lagoon
 Jazz game with my dad (my mom stayed with Elyza)
 J and me at the game

 Being crazy on my last night there

My long lost sister Jessa!

Cheesecake factory!

Family movie night!

Dying Easter eggs

Me and Elyza in front of my house

For Christmas, my parents sent me a plane ticket home and I decided to save it for when my siblings were on spring break.
Tommy and my nanny were good to let me go and have a fun 10 days away to see my family.
I got in on Friday early evening and was expecting to see my sister and niece waiting for me. Instead, my Dad, brother, sister Alexa, sister Shantel, niece Elyza and my Grandparents who just got back from serving a mission in South Africa were all waiting to greet me!
This was the first time that I saw my niece (she is 7 months old now) and I was so happy to see everyone.
Of course I was excited about eating American food while I was back. We headed straight for Olive Garden and it was so good! 
Saturday I had a good visit with my Grandparents in Provo and my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I had fun answering questions they had about life here in Tokyo. It was great to see everyone!
Sunday we went to my sisters ward and then headed to my Aunts house to see my moms side of the family. We had a yummy dinner and a good time catching up! I am so happy that my Grandparents are back from their mission!
Monday we went to Salt Lake and shopped at the new City Creek mall. Of course we had to eat at Cheesecake factory and then got dessert to go.
On a last minute whim, we decided to go to the Lakers/Jazz game that evening. It was so fun!
Tuesday we hit up Chick fil a and then went to Boondocks to ride go-carts, play laser tag and mini golf. 
Wednesday we headed to Wyoming to spend some time at my house.
We had a relaxing time watching movies, and visiting. We also got in some quality tennis!
Saturday we woke up bright and early and drove back to Utah to go to Lagoon.
We enjoyed lots of roller coasters and rides :)
We were all exhausted by the end of the week, but so happy to have spent time together!

Tommy and Virgenia held down the fort while I was gone. The boys had auditions, fittings and jobs while I was gone. Tommy was so good to get them to those!

I was so glad to be home (and off of the plane) and thankful for the vacation!