Thursday, December 19, 2013


These 4 boys are soooo ready for Christmas! All are at the perfect age and the magic is still strong at our house!!
~Merry Christmas~

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's the most wonderful (busiest) time of the year!

Ashton greeting Cooper after school

Cooper trying to wrestle Ashton

All the boys sitting on the Christmas tree box

Our attempt at a group shot in front of the tree :)

Adding the last finishing touches….

We wanted to wait for Daddy to get home before we put the star on 

Headed out to Tommy's work Christmas party

Ashton and I after our belt test--

Christmas decorating, karate belt test and Daddy's work Christmas party! Made for a full but happy weekend for our family :)
We love this time of year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great job Weston!

Cover-Weston and Ivy
Weston got to play in a Rolls Royce :)

Inside cover giving credit to the models!

In October I got an email from one of the boys' agencies saying that there was a photographer interested in using Weston for a shoot (All the agencies have the kids' profiles and composites online so that clients can look through them). He was on location here in Tokyo and was wondering his schedule. 
When I told them he was available, she said that she would get back to me. 
Later that day, she called and said that Weston got the job and that it was for American Airlines. When I told Weston the good news, he immediately said "do I get to go on an Airplane?"!
But it was for their first class magazine 'Celebrated Living' featuring the Peninsula Hotel.
It was a really fun day and Weston did great!
At the end of the shoot, the photographer pulled our agent aside. When she came to walk us out she said "the photographer loved Weston and wants to pay you more!" Of course we didn't have a problem with that!
Last week the agency emailed a link and said "Take a look!!!". When we opened it, we were happy and surprised to see Weston on the cover :)
Also, they gave credit to him on the inside (model,Weston-KMpromotion) of the magazine.
This will be a fun keepsake and memory for us!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bell family meets VP Biden and Ambassador Kennedy

"Well hello there handsome!"

Waiting for his arrival :) 


Vice President Biden was visiting Japan this last week, and yesterday we got to meet him! He was very nice and personable and invited all of the kids up to the stage with him.
Ashton was the 2nd or 3rd kid to hop up and Mr. Biden looked right at him, gently grabbed his chin and said "Well hello there handsome! What's your name?" 
It was so very cool! Ashton was grinning ear to ear as you can see from the pictures. 
After his speech, we were allowed to go take a group picture with him. Up on stage he asked Ashton if he could borrow his tie. Ashton thought that was pretty funny!
As our group was exiting, he pulled Ashton aside to shake his hand. I stopped with him and he grabbed my hand and said "Hi there! What's your name? You have the most beautiful eyes! Are they from your mother or father?" I said my mom and he replied "Is she living?" and I said "no". He then went on to say " Well, if she was, you would owe her a thank you note for those eye!" Then he grabbed me, Tommy and Ashton, pulled us in close and took another picture with us! It was all very exciting:)
I'm glad that we were able to have this experience!