Monday, August 30, 2010

I LOVE THIS MAN (and happy birthday to me)!

You are mine-forever.

What are birthdays without the people that you love?
I have been showered with birthday love all month-literally.
Our August has been full of visitors week after week, and we are still enjoying them now.
So consequently my birth"day" has turned into my birth"month".
My handsome husband has made this birthday one to remember and didn't forget one single detail.
I can't forget my little sweethearts that helped add to the celebrating.
Thank you
I love you all.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hawaii overload!!!

Hawaii was amazing. Sky diving, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, pearl harbor, luau's and so much more. We had a great time!
Our first day we were picked up at 6:15 by the sky diving co. and taken to a private airfield. We got a quick speech about sky diving and then got to decide on what height we wanted to go on.
Most people (and first-time sky divers) only jump at 9,000 ft. I say only because the other choice of the day was a 14,000 ft jump. Normally a lot more expensive, but lucky for us they were having a "special" that day. So all of us (everyone in our group) opted for the higher jump. I mean why not? We are already jumping in HAWAII, why not go all out.
At 14,000 ft you get a little over 60 seconds of free fall and over 5 minutes of glide time.
Once again WOW!
We rented a convertible one day and drove all over the island. We were able to stop wherever and whenever and it was great. We saw so many different beaches and landmarks.
It was fun to just cruise.
We were also able to go snorkeling in Hanama Bay, wander around in awe at Pearl Harbor and go to a luau.
In between all of our activities we made sure to enjoy the sun, sand, water and shops.
Hopefully we can make Hawaii a tradition (of some sort).
We can't wait to take the boys!

T paddle boarding

Touring the Missouri
The Missouri

The Arizona

Pearl Harbor

Hanama Bay
Cruisin' in the drop top
Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger's house
Our view from the balcony in our room

getting a henna tattoo

checking in on the kids while loungin'
T in the pool

"We did it" after sky diving
Post sky diving
Pre jump

Monday, August 9, 2010


We are back from paradise, and our trip was great!
We managed to do so much, but still feel relaxed and rested!
I have plenty of pictures to go through and post-hopefully soon!
Thank you to my sister Shantel for watching the little rugrats while we were gone.
They had so much fun and it was nice coming home to them.
There is nothing like coming home from vacation to your kids.
I think the highlight of our trip was skydiving over the beautiful Hawaiian islands at 14,000 feet.
Over 60 seconds of free fall and over 5 minutes of gliding time. It was so exciting.
More to come.........